PA QSO Party

When is The PA QSO Party?

Always the second full weekend in October.

Where is N3SRC QSO Party in 2022?

This years QSO Party will be taking place at the Montrose Fairgrounds.

On-site members will be listening to Montrose Repeater, 147.375+ pl:77

Directions to the Field Day Site 2021

From the Susquehanna Court House take Lake Front road east.

About one mile take a left onto Griffis Hill Road. Griffis Hill Road is a loop so, make left on second Griffis Hill Road.

Go 100-yards and make right onto Quarry Street.

Here’s a detailed map from Google Earth:



> Weather looks GREAT but a bit cool.

– Friday, a 30% chance of a passing shower between 1400 & 1700 Hrs. local.

Temps., 62 – 40 F.

– Saturday, Sunny all day. Temps., 50 – 37 F.

– Sunday, Sunny all day. Temps., 57 – 36 F

> There will be a camp fire. It would be great if everyone brought 2-3 firewood logs.

There is a bunch of old trees down and I will bring a brush saw but a few logs will

keep the ‘sweat equity’ at a minimum.

> Anybody can come at any time. I am shooting at showing up between 1300 –

1400 Hrs. local Friday. I suspect that most RV’s or campers will show up before

1700 hrs. local on Friday.

> Porta potty will show up Friday morning. Hay and cinder blocks for fire, will show

up Thursday.

> Dinner Friday night, you are on your own. Ed will have a grill. I am bringing a

steak and will swing by Price Chopper for a starch and a veggie.

> I will be monitoring the Montrose Repeater (147.375, +.600, PL 77.0) if anybody

needs any help.

> Breakfast will be served on the club Sat. & Sun mornings. Lunch on Saturday

will be kind of hit or miss as the contest begins at noon. I am sure there will be

a few burgers and hot dogs on site. Remember, stores are only 5-minutes away

from the fairgrounds. There is always someone going to town for a last minute


Food is ordered for the picnic Saturday. It will be steak sandwiched with peppers

& sweet onions on rolls. I have ordered sides from the Price Chopper deli.

Dinner will start at around 1530 Hrs. local so folks can eat & visit and be on the

road home before it gets dark.

> There will be a limited selection of soft drinks. If you would like a beer or a glass

of wine, bring it.

> Filters have arrived. YAHOO!

What have I forgotten????