Club History

The Susquehanna County Amateur Radio Club was originally established in 1983 by Rod Koeb (Rod Koeb is a SK, his call sign was N3CDI) and Elmer Taylor (KM3E, a “refounding” member of the Club). The Club was involved with NASA programs and the F.C.C.’s Volunteer Examiner (VE) program, and was an ARRL Special Service Club. Over a period of many years, however, it became inactive.

Another club was established around 2000, but when several members left the area, it was unable to continue.

In January 10, 2011, after Jeff DePolo established the N3KZ Elk Mountain Repeater, a small group of area Amateur Radio operators met to discuss the need for an Amateur Radio club in Susquehanna County. There was a strong consensus that a club was needed, and this group agreed to form the nucleus for the re-establishment of the Susquehanna County Amateur Radio Club. This nucleus group included:

  • Joe Cieciorka — KA3UBG
  • Elmer Taylor — KM3E
  • Tony Gerchman — K3BK
  • Evelyn Gerchman — N3EVI
  • Bill Kime — AC3I/SK
  • Lee Parsons — N3LPJ/SK
  • and others

It was decided to contact local Amateur Radio operators — a mailing was sent inviting them to the next meeting, which was held on the fourth Thursday of January.

At the February meeting, interim officers were elected to serve for a six month term. New elections will be held in July or August.

As of this writing (early April, 2011) there have been three regular meetings of the Club, and attendance has been near 30 and growing. The existing members are from Susquehanna County and other areas. The enthusiam of the new Club’s members, especially newly licensed Amateur Radio Operators, promises a great future for our Club.

Thanks to Elmer for most of this information.