Meeting Minutes April 2024

Meeting started at 7:05, starting with a Quick Discussion on Contesting, followed by the pledge

18 Present at Green Gables, incl. 0 visitors present

Minutes were read

Barbara KC3TJN motions to accept, Walter N3SRI seconds

Treasurers report was read by Walter N3SRI

$1593.59 end of March

Deposit of $60 for dues of new members

$265 additional deposits

$1918.59 at end of April

Cindy WN3TOH motions, Kristie KC3WRP seconds

$1774.59 with paying Kevin II for the signs


Rookie Round-up was a good time, a good experience for all. Mom wants to contest more!





Rookie Round-up almost ready, 5 stations, getting setup Saturday preferably Noon. Test session Sunday at 12AM

Letters for Field Day have been sent out

Eclipse Contest


7:00PM on Wednesday

May1 Walter N3SRI

May 8 Austin N3ASO

May 15Marie KC3YIZ

May 22 Kristie KC3WRP

Monday nights 7PM HF Net 3.964, 8PM VHF Net 147.000

Tuesday nights 7PM HF Digital Net 3.588, 8PM HF 7.254

Wednesday nights 7PM N3SRC Net 145.430

Dinners 21


John has donated $200 to the Club for the Modified at the Fairgrounds for the tent, donations are welcome, as the raffle will be put off for a year and brought up again then. ~$850 will be needed for the material for the tent

The connex box will also be set back similar to the raffle

Volunteers for cutting the Fairgrounds are welcome, 4 times a year minimum

Tom is in charge of mowing from now until September.

Stonehenge is still on the docket for raising a little money

Decision on Harford Fair can be made between now and Mid-June, potentially hold off


Equinunk members will not be here for the July meeting, elections potentially moved to following month.

Motion by John for election to be moved to July 22nd, overridden

Motion by Walter for election to be moved to 27th of June for the 2024-2025 year

Barbara KC3TJN motions, Cindy WN3TOH seconds

July meeting date/time changed?

Walter motions we all go see Hank Jr.!

Walter actually motions to get a co-coordinator in events

Potential to move July meeting to the 18th, pending schedule discussion with Jen

Kevin II’s antenna hanging will be May the 4th at 10 for all that would like to help


Marconi Day this Saturday! Event will be held at the Rumble Ponies Railroad Terminal, now a resturant

John has resigned as the ARES Coordinator for Susquehanna County after over a year of constant roadblocks from the Gibson EOC

John is now the Emergency Coordinator for the Northeastern Region of Pennsylvania

Motion to adjourn by Walter N3SRI, seconded by Jim KC2LEB

Meeting adjourned at 8:47

Respectfully submitted by Austin N3ASO