Other Nets

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Susquehanna 6 Meter Net

7:00 pm

Frequency 50.130 USB to FM

Lackawanna County Emergency Services ARES Net

7:00 pm on the N3EVW Repeater

Frequency 448.825

PL = 136.5

Southern Catskill Amateur Radio Society (SCARS) Net

8:00 pm on the KC2AXO Repeater

Frequency 147.135

PL = 94.8

Jamestown Mountain Repeater Association Net
9:00 pm on the N3CSE Repeater

Frequency 146.805 Mhz

PL = 82.5 Hz

PA DMR Check-In
8:00 pm. PA Statewide Talkgroup 3142 (Primary) or TAC311 (Alternate)

Luzerne County ARES Net
8:00 pm on the N3FCK Repeater

Frequency 146.460 Mhz

1 Mhz split

PL =100.0 Hz

East Coast IRLP-Allstar Tech Net

8:00 pm on any IRLP Repeater or simplex node through the East Coast IRLP Reflector 9050

Alternatively through Allstar Bridges 27229, 45192, or 45225

Alternatively through ECHOLINK Nodes 57780 and 375103 RADIOS ONLY, NO COMPUTERS OR SMARTPHONES

Alternatively through WIRE-X Conference Room 45192

Alternatively through D-STAR Reflector XRF813A

Again, every Tuesday at 8:00 pm


1:00 PM
Talkgroup 31424

Talkgroup 2/Local Cluster

Good for DMR information


Walton Amateur Radio Club Net

7:00 pm

Frequency 147.315

PL = 167.9

Club Call W2LZ

Susquehanna County Amateur Radio Club Net
7:00 pm on the N3KZ Repeater

Frequency 145.430 Mhz

PL = 77.0 Hz
Club Call: N3SRC

The Susquehanna County Amateur Radio Club also runs a Digital Net at
8:00 pm on the N3KZ Repeater

Frequency 145.430 Mhz

PL = 77.0 Hz

SATERN  Eastern Territory Net

This net meets mornings on 3.918 MHz and 14.232 MHz.   You do not have to be a member of the Salvation Army to check in – all Amateur Radio Operators are welcome.

Wayne – Pike ARES Net

8:00 pm on the 146.715 Tafton Repeater

PL = 82.5 Hz

Alternate frequency is the Elk Mtn repeater on 145.430

PL = 77.0 Hz

This is primarily a training net in message handling and emergency communications techniques & procedures. You do not have to be an ARES member to check-in.   All amateur radio operators are welcome.

Murgas Amateur Radio Club Net

9:00 PM, on 145.450 MHz

PL = 82.5 Hz
Club Call: K3YTL

Wayne County Amateur Radio Club Friday Net

8:00 pm on the K1NRA Repeater

Frequency 145.490 Mhz

PL = 85.4 Hz

Club Call: W3ARO


Binghamton Radio Amateur Technical Net (BRAT NET)

8:00 pm

Frequency 146.865

PL = 146.2

Otsego Co ARES Training Net

Every Third Sunday

8:30 pm

Frequency 146.850

PL = 167.9

Monroe County ARES Net
8:30 pm on the N3SEI Camelback Mountain Repeater

146.865 Mhz

PL = 100.0 Hz
Club Call N3SEI

W3WAN Wide Area Net
9:00 pm on the W3WAN Repeater

Frequency 145.230 Mhz

PL = 77.0 Hz

Luzerne County Digital Broadcast Net

9:00 pm, Frequency 146.460 Mhz (Monitor Only) Mode PSK125 RC5 or XPSK125 R on the FLDIGI dropdown menu. Center Freq. 1,500 Hz
by Walt, WN3LIF

Saint max net


14.341 MHz

Maine Potato Net

Our own K0PB Pocono Bob runs this net on Fridays.
Listen for The Maine Potato Net daily on 3958 Khz

At 6:30 PM EDT (16:00 EDT, 20:00 UTC)

Eastern penn phone and emergency traffic net (EPAPETN)

At 6pm

3917 daily