Meeting Minutes August 2021

Meeting started at 6:45 followed by the pledge

50/50 collected $67, $35 to the club, $35 to the Winner

12 Present at Green Gables, 2 Visitors

Scott Aylesworth from the Sus EMA present to welcome us to the EMA circle

Minutes were read

Ed K3EDO motions to accept, Darwin WD4GXT seconds

Scott presents his massive interest in getting us Hams together with the EMA at the new EOC

Ed and Tom AA3EY will look over any equipment suggested

Moving into new EOC End-o-September

Sept 8th is EOC training at 6:30PM


Nothing of note, all bills/checks given to the Treasurer

Treasurers report End of July $1648.64 $102 for Shirts for Fair participants $48 Fair Passes $1498.64 as of now

Ed motions to accept, Skip AB3ZD seconds


Dave AC3S says the Fair had people showing some fair interest in Radio

Does anyone have any suggestions for next years Fair? Tell Dave or anyone in the Club

PA QSO Party is in October, let’s get some participation

Tony Gerchmans K3BK Memorial was held


Sept 1 Dave AC3S

Sept 8 Austin N3ASO

Sept 15 Skip AB3ZD

Sept 22 John KC1FWU

Dinners 14




Eric Parsons is looking to move back to Susquehanna in the next year or two, Welcome Back

Raffle tickets for October will be ordered soon

Christmas party? Second Saturday of December? Discussion next month, we WILL have one this year


W3LTR Will be doing September VHF Contest, Sept 11th through 13th

Looking for VEs, maybe even those who wish to be, it’s free, it’s open book

Dan, Steve, Graham, Dave, Ed, Austin already are, Evelyn maybe?

George’s belongings will be auctioned early September

No new members, there are 22 applications out thanks to the Fair

EPA Section manager has Nets frequently

What can we do to draw more people in? IDEAS PLEASE

Maybe do presentations?

Motion to adjourn by Cindy WN3TOH, seconded by Darwin

Meeting adjourned at 8:19

Respectfully submitted by Austin N3ASO