Harford Fair


August 16th to August 21st
Susquehana County Amateur Radio Club, N3SRC
Windmill Amateur Radio Group, W3LTR

We are happy to announce that the premier amateur radio clubs serving Lackawanna, Susquehanna, and Wayne counties will have a booth this year at the Harford Fair.
Please stop by our booth number 292, located on Fair Route 1858.
Members of the two clubs will be on hand to answer questions, swap stories, and if you would like, get on the air at the Fair.
We are looking for members to operate the booth. Those operating the booth will have a free pass to the Fair, excepting rides, so we are looking for those willing to operate for two to four hours to give time to also enjoy the Fair.
The booth must be manned from 10AM to 10PM Monday through Thursday, 10AM to 11PM Friday and Saturday. Those interested can email our Activities Coordinator Dave Jones with the dates and times you would like to volunteer.
See you at the Fair!