N3KZ Repeater

N3KZ 2-meter Repeater on Elk Mountain

The Susquehanna County Amateur Radio Club’s members and other interested Amateur Radio operators have been gratiously invited (no, encouraged) to make good use of the new N3KZ 2-meter Repeater on Elk Mountain.

Jeff DePolo, WN3A, the owner and licensee of the N3KZ repeater system has given us permission to use his Susquehanna County repeater, located on the North Knob of Elk Mountain in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

Pictures of repeater installation in December 2010.
Pictures of repeater maintenance April 2011

The technical details:

  • N3KZ Repeater — Elk Mountain North Knob
  • 145.430 MHz
  • PL 77.0