Meeting Minutes November 2023

Meeting called to order at 7pm, followed by the pledge.
Discussion regarding local repeaters ensued.
Zach Landon, a visitor, introduced himself and his history and interests

Minutes were read from the October meeting. Tom AA3EY, moved to accept minutes. Walter N3SRI seconded.

Treasurers report read. Current balance is $1313.20. Kevin KC3KEV moved to accept the Treasurers report. Cindy WN3TOH seconded.

Correspondence – Bank statements and junk mail from bank/credit cards.

New Business – Dues will be due in January. February 22, 2024 is the final date. Bill N9WS moved to leave the amount as is. Tom AA3EY seconded the motion.
Christmas Party is December 9 (Tom’s not allowed.) Committee Events – Winter Field Day will be in Equinunk January 27-28, 2024.
The ARES Net and website were both discussed.

Net Control:
November 22 – Dave AC2S
November 29 – Don KD2TIV
December 6 – Kevin2 KC3KEV
December 13 – Dave AC2S
December 20 – Austin N3ASO
December 27 – John KC1FWU

Dinners – 15

Old Business –
Austin will have testing at 1:00pm prior to the Christmas Party on December 9.
A discussion on Elmer, Tony and Wayne Miller’s equipment ensued. John KC1FWU briefly discussed Elmer’s estate and how it will be handled. Kevin KC3KEV moved to have John KC1FWU, Tom AA3EY, and Ed K3EDO recoup their money after purchasing the equipment from Elmer’s estate. Motion seconded by Matt KD2YWB
Kevin KC3KEV discussed the fairgrounds and Lions Club meeting. He also discussed the Harford Fair for 2024.
SC ARES had a problem with the 9200, but it was repaired. This was an ARES exercise.

Motion to adjourn: Bill N9WS, seconded by Cindy WN3TOH