Meeting Minutes Feb 2021

Meeting started 6:48 pm followed by pledge

10 present at Green Gables, 5 on ZOOM

Secretary’s Report read

George KB3ZMF moves, Dan AA3LS seconds

Corespondents from James Straub KB3VQL, Scott Township. Application for Marilyn N3AGG, money included, membership accepted

Treasures Report the same, doing average based on past years

George moves, Ed K3EDO seconds


Karl KA1FSX looking to do POTA Events with the club

N3KZ Elk repeater to be repaired eventually once the snow clears


March 3 Dan AA3LS

March 10 Skip AB3ZD

March 17 Tom AA3EY

March 24 John FC1FWU

Dinners 10


Technician License Class discussion from Jim KC2LEB

Preferably hour and a half sessions


Club ZOOM Account, maybe Google Classroom?

6 month approval for ZOOM Account

80 y/o and up not required to pay dues as recognition

Tabled for the future


Hats, t-shirts and such for going to Hamfests and such

John will return with pricing

Dan wants to move the domain to another entity

John put together a calendar out of dirt for coming events for the year

Proposed picnic in September

August event recognizing and honoring Silent Keys from the Club and beyond

Field Day at the Fairgrounds yay or nay

Should look for more foreign locations for some change-up

John will still look into the Fairgrounds

What’s a Braknee

New members, Marilyn W3AGG

Move to adjourn George KB3ZMF, motion by Jim KC2LEB, second by Karen

Respectfully submitted by Austin N3ASO