Meeting Minutes March 2021

Meeting started 6:36PM followed by pledge

8 present at Green Gables, 8 on ZOOM

Secretary’s Report read

Ed K3EDO moves, Tom AA3EY seconds

Issues with Club Bank Account found, have been rectified

Treasures Report, 1839.85, John still wants to pester for dues. Visions account will be closed. 1452 last year

Ed motions, Jim KC2LEB seconds


Circle back for Field Day


March 31 Tom AA3EY

April 7 John KC1FWU

April 14 Skip AB3ZD

April 21 Dave KC3PZJ

John tasked with checking repeater every week physically, thoughts and prayers

Dinners 8


Jim hasn’t heard anything back about Technician Class, will be tabled for the time

Cerra Signs in Carbondale did logo’d items for the club in the past


Ed talked about putting a repeater on Mount Ararat

Rally Sprint being run 23rd and 24th of April, looking for operators to run communications, 6 minimum. Let John know within the next few weeks.

Dave KC3PZJ wants to start a Brakney group. What’s a Brakney again?

Try to access the 146.655 repeater, pl 146.2

Field Day discussion about possible locations this year, if no better options the Fairgrounds will be sought after

Joe KA3UBG offers joint effort for June VHF Contest

Motion to adjourn by Jim, Ed Seconds

Meeting adjourned at 7:37 PM

Respectfully submitted by Austin N3ASO